Food is at the heart of our store.  With an unique Canadian culinary collection of rubs, spices, oils, bread dippers, mustards, jam, honeys, chocolates, sauces, pastas and so much more. You will not run out of ideas for your next meal or dinner party.  

Products can be used in so many ways that one bottle can take you from your everyday ritual to Gourmet Chef of the evening.

Tastes from all around Canada can be found in one location.  That's right, Jasper, Alberta!

Elevate your Everyday

Getting together with friends and family is what we built our product selections on.

We believe you can elevate your everyday with beautiful moments that can easily be created with simply things like enjoying a drink and a memory together.  Our beautiful blooming teas, scrumptious loose leaf teas and decadent Hibiscus Flowers can help you enjoy your time alone or with a house full of friends.

Unique gifts for friends and family.  Special items to set your occasion apart from the norm.  Or it could be a moment to yourself, remember the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, while sipping your tea...

Experience Jasper